What is Ninja Fitness?
It is a fitness, fundamental movement & skills development class for children of primary school going age. The class combines gymnastics, calisthenics, strength & flexibility training with lots of fun and games.
What are fundamental movements?

Fundamental Movement Skills are the building blocks of movement for everyday life and all recreational activity. When these skills are mastered children can go on to develop specialised movement skills which allow them to reach their potential in any sport they choose.
Who will benefit from attending Ninja Fitness Classes?

Where are your current locations?We currently run classes in Kildare in Leixlip, Maynooth and Kilcock. We will be expanding soon. Drop us an email if you would like a class to start near you!
How can I find out about up coming classes?
You can join our mailing list and you will be notified before the new term starts. Subscribe Now
How can I book?
We use an online booking platform, you must sign up online to ensure compliance with GDPR & our health and safety policies. We collect valuable information about your child's health to ensure a safe, enjoyable class for all. Classes are open for booking here.
How can I pay?

You can pay online using credit card, you will incur a 4% online booking charge. To keep our classes as cost effective as possible and to avoid unnecessarily charging customers an additional 4% we also give the option to pay in cash or by bank transfer. Transfer details are on your invoice. 
Is my booking confirmed without payment?
Yes i
t is, once you reach the payment page your booking is confirmed. You will receive a booking confirmation by email within a couple of minutes of completing the booking form. Please contact us if you do not receive it. 
What should I bring or wear to class?
Wear comfortable clothing (such as t-shirt and leggings/tracksuit bottoms) that is easy to move in and bring plenty of water. 
What should I bring to camp?
A snack, healthy lunch, plenty of water and a pencil case with colours. 
I would like to work for Ninja Fitness. What should I do? 
We are currently in a phase of expansion and are looking for Ninja Fitness coaches in various locations throughout the country. There is also the option to start your own Ninja Fitness Class in your area. Send us an email telling us why you would like to work with us along with a short CV and we will be in touch shortly.
Do you offer any one on one services?
We offer an online program which includes a 30 minute intro session with a movement assessment. We then create a tailor made program to work on at home plus a follow up session after a couple of weeks to ensure you are completing the exercises correctly. This program is accompanied by videos of the exercises. It is useful for those that struggle with coordination, gross motor skills, core strength and low muscle tone. You can request a movement assessment and program below.
If we haven't answered your question please do not hesitate to email us and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

Our website is currently under construction if you would like to book a movement assessment please email ninjafitnessireland@gmail.com