Important Information

Classes & Camps:

  • It is essential that parents complete a health questionnaire for their household prior to each class. 

  • Take each child’s temperature every day before attending class/camp, we are not medical professionals and have been advised against doing this.

  • NO children should attend if they are unwell.

  • Should they show symptoms they will be required to isolate until their guardian collects them.

  • In running our classes & camps we are relying on you to ensure that your child is in good health and does not have any symptoms of covid 19.


  • It is essential that parents complete ONE health questionnaire for their household prior to camp commencing and monitor the health of your household during the course of camp.

  • We aim to provide a great camp and an exciting week for your child. We have adjusted the camp to ensure safety for all but children will find it difficult to social distance.

  • We need to work together to adapt to this new way of life to ensure the safety of all.

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Covid-19 Health Declaration

How are you feeling today?

Please take your child's temperature on the day of class and record it beside their name below.

Group Colour: (This will be assigned at the first class. Please wear matching t-shirt)

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