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Bridges & Backbends!

For the last year we have been running outdoor and online gymnastics and fitness classes. Where these really suit our Ninja Fitness Curriculum they do not lend themselves as well to our Reveal Gymnastics classes.

Our Ninja Fitness curriculum covers handstands & cartwheels and strength & conditioning and will continue to do so in our online classes and the face to face classes when they return in the coming weeks.

To cater for our gymnasts, I am launching a new blended approach to Reveal Gymnastics. This unique programme will run online for 4 weeks with 1 outdoor face to face class at the end of each term in Scoil Uí Riada, Kilcock. The reason for the dual approach is that there is a lot of explanation involved in teaching these skills which would result in the children getting cold between exercises.

This program is suitable for children aged 7 years plus and will provide a challenge for beginner or experienced gymnasts . The face to face classes will be in groups according to age and for this reason students aged 13-17 are welcome to attend, I'd love to see some familiar faces return to class!

The online component will give the children an opportunity to work on their flexibility, strength and some basic bridge exercises. While the face to face class will give students an opportunity to put the skills they have developed at home into action. The coach will be adhere to Covid-19 protocols and social distancing during this session. The more practice the children do at home the more success they will achieve in the face to face class.

The students will also be sent a record sheet so that they can reference the skills to practice at home. Students will also have access to a Padlet where they can ask questions, share their progress and view videos of the more advanced skills to practice at home, should they forget between classes! The online class will be 45 minutes each week on Wednesday at 6pm and the face to face class will be 60 minutes on Saturday May 8th. The first class will starting at 12 noon but the exact schedule will be announced when numbers are confirmed.

The price for the 5 sessions is €50 and as an added bonus you will receive free access to our weekly Ninja Fitness online class!

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