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Summer 2020

Government restrictions are easing but the Department of Education has not given firm guidelines to schools and principals on how or when to reopen schools and school buildings.

It is for this reasons that we cannot run our camps as planned in our Leixlip or Kilcock venues. We are going ahead with the Maynooth Camp in Scoil Uí Fhiaich from July 20th to 24th.

We will be directing all resources planned for the other venues to this site in order to facilitate more groups here. This should allow those that are willing to travel from other towns to attend.

Our camps are always, at least, a ratio of 1:12 which is the government guideline. All staff have undertaken covid safety training and we have put many new protocols in place to ensure the safety of participants & staff. Please read the following terms & conditions before you book in to camp:

  • We will not be doing temperature checks, as we are not medical professionals, it is your responsibility to ensure your child is fit and healthy, if they are in any way unwell please keep them home.

  • Where possible all activities will take place outside. Children will be in groups (play pods) of a maximum 12 - they will remain with this group for the duration of camp with the same camp leader and have staggered start times. It is important that if your child wants to be in a group with a certain friend/relative that they book in to the same start time. No swapping of groups will be permitted. Current social distancing guidelines will be followed within the groups.

  • Camp instructors will be social distancing from children, they may wear a mask throughout the day. They will be required to wear a mask & PPE gear any time they need to be within 2 metres of children, to administer first aid or at times when they are inside the school etc.

  • We will provide a hand sanitizing station for children/staff to use on arrival and exit as well as regularly throughout the day. We will request that everyone also bring their own supply of hygiene products including hand sanitizer for their own personal use.

  • Children will be supervised on toilet breaks to ensure that proper hand hygiene is being followed. They will wash then sanatize their hands.

  • We will be doing contactless drop off. Your child needs to be able to walk away from you/their car to their instructor independently at the sanitization station at the front of the school. Parents/guardians are not permitted to enter the camp venue unannounced at any time during the camp day. If they must return to the camp venue during the day, they must first phone to arrange this.

  • We will require all personal belongings to be labelled, including water bottles, lunch boxes, clothing and bags.

  • Government advises that shoes and clothing be cleaned (or removed) before entering your own home each day to prevent the possible transmission of Coronavirus. Shoes especially should be wiped down/disinfected each day before entering your home.

  • We have had to increase the price of camp as we need to have additional staff (cleaning/covering breaks etc.) on site during the camp. It is now €80 for the first child and €70 for additional siblings. Please do not make payment until July 15th at the earliest or we will accept cash on the morning of camp in a clearly labeled envelope. This is simply to assist us in avoiding to give refunds in the case that camp does not go ahead due to a surge in covid cases, we incur charges on online payments and suffer a loss when we have to give refunds. For a small company like ourselves this would be a significant expense to us.

We aim to run a fun camp but it will be different to previous camps and classes. We will need to use less equipment, we have to be outside and instructors have to social distance from the kids so certain activies cannot happen for safety reasons. Camp will contain as much regular Ninja Fitness Fun as possible but realistically it will be a multi-activity camp with arts and crafts, fun & games, hopefully a water fight weather permitting! Click here to book

Booking will be live at 8pm today 24/6/2020. Please book into the earliest available time slot.

We know how important it is for families to get back to life, the new normal and hopefully we can help with that. For those of you that cannot attend or have vulnerable people at home and should not attend we will be doing a virtual camp too. Details about this will be on our social media shortly!

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