• Michelle

The Future.... is uncertain.

We are luckily in high demand for classes in September but many of you are wondering why we are operating a waiting list?

I thought I should take the time to explain the reasoning behind it. We have been lucky to return to face to face classes since last April, for outdoor training. Although this has been successful with many of our students preferring it, it is not an ideal situation for us.

In general Ninja fitness is gymnastics based and for this reason we use quiet a bit of equipment; which is getting damaged outside and our poor coaches are getting damaged bring them outside as the equipment we use is heavy and cumbersome!

We were hoping to return indoors in September as the guidelines issues in May stated indoor training could resume at the beginning of June. Due to the Delta variant this was not the case and it has been postponed and there is no indication when it will be reintroduced.

We are operating a waiting list system for two reasons. Firstly, the uncertainty around whether we will be inside or outside and secondly, schools will not give us confirmation that we can use the premises until they are back safely up and running themselves. We do not want to confirm bookings or accept payment until we know exactly what we are offering you, we do not want to mislead anyone.

So what's the point of the waiting list?

The days and times of classes are accurate so please do sign up to your preferred class. Once we get confirmation everyone on the list that we have space for will be offered a place, in the order in which they signed up. First come, first served!

Currently none of our classes are at capacity so everyone signed up to the waiting list will get a spot in a class, for this reason please only sign up to your preferred class.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, I really appreciate it as I also love to have things booked and organised so that there is something to look forward to but currently that is just not practical for us! Thank you for hanging in there and as soon as I have confirmation I will contact everyone on the waiting list to book in!

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and we hope to see everyone back to classes in September!


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