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We've gone online!

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Hi Everybody,

I hope you are keeping safe and well during these different and difficult times. We are trying our best to respond to the situation we find ourselves in. We want to help however we can but we had a number of concerns and issues that were important to us that we needed to figure out before moving forward.

We had two main areas to consider, the first being that we did not want to charge for the classes we were providing online. In our opinion, with the age of the children that attend our classes an online class is no substitute.

Our other area of concern was to do with internet safety and child protection. While zoom is a great resource being used by many we didn't think it was practical to offer an online camp using this method. We were trying to give you lots of variety of activities that could be done inside or outside and that could take up to 2 hours a day depending on the interest and activity levels of each child. I felt it would have been intrusive for people to be in their homes with them for this length.

As you probably know we decided to go with Youtube. It's freely accessible for all with no emails or passwords needed, we can label our videos as child friendly and with the additional protection of the YouTube Kids filter I thought it was the safest most practical approach. I hope you agree!

We created Ninja Fitness TV on Youtube and then the real fun began. We aimed to create 4 videos a day, having never created anything similar before! It was a steep learning curve, we've learned many new skills along the way and are very happy with what we have created.

The online easter camp comprised a fitness workout, art activity, strength & mobility challenges agus fun outdoor activity each day for the week of April 13th to 16th. Those who participated thoroughly enjoyed it. The content of the camp is available on Ninja Fitness TV at the link below

We hope you take a look,

It might pass a rainy day or two for you!


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