General gymnastics Classes

We'v been running fitness classes for kids since 2014. It is from this general gymnastics class that Ninja Fitness was born. 
We still run our general gymnastics class Called Reveal Gymnastics in our Kilkock venue (Kilcock GAA) only.

This class takes place on Mondays at 5pm or 6:05pm 

This class includes:

Strength & conditioning games

Stretches & mobility work

Warm up & cool down

Gymnastics skills including:  

  • Different variations of rolls

  • Handstand & headstand

  • Cartwheel & bridge kick over

  • Vaulting skills include squat/straddle on and through

  • Dive roll and handspring

  • Acrobatics

  • Dance & Making Routines

We do a display for family & friends every December.

“Brilliant! My kids have done it lots of times & enjoy it every time!

100% recommended.”

— Colette, Kilcock

“5 stars.

My kids love it.

I can't get over how much they have learned in such a short time.”

— Anna, Dublin